TENDER NOTIFICATION- "Installation of 2 Nos. sanitary pad vending machines and disposal machines in ladies' washrooms in the premises of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh Amaravati" - Reg- J.Spl,Dated 28.08.2019
TENDER NOTIFICATION- "Supply of 3 Nos. of 95 PPM Photocpy machines" - Reg- Stationery Sec,Dated 27.08.2019
TENDER NOTIFICATION- To run canteen in the premises of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh- Reg- Dated 22.07.2019
TENDER NOTIFICATION- Supply of Crockery items and one embossing machine - Reg- Dated 25.07.2019
TENDER NOTIFICATION- Supply of "Kraft Paper Folders-100 GSM-STY- Reg- Dated 27.06.2019
TENDER NOTIFICATION- Rate Contract for Toner Cartridges for CANON printers and Fax machines of Canon L1170 & Brother Fax 2840- Reg- Dated 27.06.2019.